Manufactured  to work on interior hardwood or cement floors.  

POLY FAUX  covers stains,  flaws and imperfections on floors to give a beautiful look over problem areas.  Bring new life to any room with  POLY FAUX coatings.  Perfect for covering stained or discolored hardwood or concrete floors.

Replaces the need to stain hardwood floors.  Create your own faux stain look with many colors to choose from.  POLY FAUX  is made with 100%  pure  polyurethane resin for optimum protection.  
Easy to maintain and if you wish to change color, simply recoat to give a new look.    Coat the whole floor or create your own design with POLY FAUX Polyurethane.   

Colors Available:

Mahogany Sensation

Natural Walnut

Caramel Coffee

Royal Brown

Imperial Gold

Silky Chocolate

Silhouette Black

Modern Gray

Before Poly Faux

After Poly Faux

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