1200 Elevation - Interior/Exterior Acrylic Latex

1264 - Elevation - Flat Black                                  1275 - Elevation - Semi Gloss Neutral Base

1265 - Elevation - Flat Neutral Base                     1276 - Elevation - Semi Gloss Pastel Base

1266 - Elevation - Flat Pastel Base                        1278 - Elevation - Semi Gloss Intermediate Base

1268 - Elevation - Flat Intermediate Base

1285 - Elevation - Satin Neutral Base

1286 - Elevation - Satin Pastel Base

1288 - Elevation - Satin Intermediate Base

Elevation's Interior/Exterior paint is a Premium 100% Acrylic Latex paint designed specifically for Colorado's climate with excellent hiding power as well as great stain resistance. 

501 - Interior Semi Gloss

Old Western Paint Company's 501 Interior Semi-Gloss latex enamel offers easy application yet provides a very durable semi-gloss finish.  Pastel colors can be obtained by using all purpose colorant.

600 Series - Interior Latex

656 - Interior Flat

646 - Interior Eggshell

636 - Interior Semi Gloss

Colorado Pro 600 is a quality interior latex paint, designed for interior walls and ceilings that provides a rich finish.  This product is a tint base, available in Pastel - Medium colors.

610 - Drywall Primer

Colorado Pro 610 is a quality Interior Latex Primer designed for interior walls, ceilings and woodwork.  This easy-to-apply product provides an excellent base coat to help seal drywall surfaces.  It may be tinted with up to 6 oz. of colorant per gallon to approximate top coat color.

0710 - Sandable Primer/Sealer

Colorado Pro 710 is a quality primer and sealer that offers outstanding coverage.  It provides a smooth, tight surface which may be sanded for maximum gloss development.  This product may be tinted with up to 6 oz. of colorant per gallon to approximate top coat color.

0700 - Interior Contractor Latex Paint

0755 - Interior Flat - Neutral Base                        0785 - Interior Satin - Neutral Base

0756 - Interior Flat - Pastel Base                           0786 - Interior Satin - Pastel Base

0758 - Interior Flat - Intermediate Base               0788 - Interior Satin - Intermediate Base

0745 - Interior Eggshell - Neutral Base                0735 - Interior Semi Gloss - Neutral Base

0746 - Interior Eggshell - Pastel Base                  0736 - Interior Semi Gloss - Pastel Base

0748 - Interior Eggshell - Intermediate Base      0738 - Interior Semi Gloss - Intermediate Base

Colorado Pro 700 series is a superior quality paint designed for professionals and

do-it-your-selfers  who are looking for a high-hiding, durable, paint for their homes and businesses.  It forms a smooth finish that is ideal for new construction and repaints.  Colorado Pro 700 interior paint offers outstanding performance at a reasonable price.

0605 - 1st Coat Drywall Primer

Colorado Pro 600 is a 1st coat drywall primer designed for new interior drywall.  It seals bare drywall and helps cover seams and joints, while providing a smooth, uniform surface for texture and paint.

Rock Hard DTM

A1374 - Semi Gloss - Black

A1375 - Semi Gloss - Neutral Base

A1376 - Semi Gloss - Pastel Base

A1396 - Gloss - Pastel Base

Rock Hard DTM (Direct to Metal) Enamel is a higher performance exterior Water-Born Coating, featuring excellent resistance to corrosion, moisture and mild chemicals.

550 - Interior Eggshell

Old Western Paint Company's 550 Interior Eggshell latex enamel is a high quality interior finish that resists dirt and staining.  Pastel colors can be obtained by using all purpose colorants.