About Us

About Us

Old Western Paint Co., Inc. is a Denver, Colorado-based corporation, family-owned and operated since 1961. We manufacture a full line of commercial and residential paints and polyurethane floor finishes. In addition, we carry an extensive inventory of painting supplies and are an authorized PPG Paint Dealer.  We are a Paint Drop Off site for your old recycled paint, go to www.paintcare.org for more details.  And be sure to check out our famous floor cleaner - Poly Glow!

Our Mission Statement

Old Western Paint Company, Inc. is committed to serving the community offering exceptional service, extensive product knowledge, unique custom tinting abilities and value for the paint and products we manufacture and sell.  Rich in history, but nimble for client - we not only have experience, we are quick to meet our customer's needs.

Value Propositions

We offer Experience and quick response to meeting our customer's immediate needs.  We provide manufacturing for the toll customer, working closely with the client to manufacture their products to specifications, providing technical support to develop existing or new products and increasing the market share.

Warehousing and shipping orders for manufacturers in an efficient, orderly manner and with a quick response time.

We match contractor's skill with our expertise to solve problems; supplying technical support to make the contractor's life easier.  We manufacture, supply and identify products to fit specific needs with custom training on product use, reducing loss of product and time.  We supply paint and all related painting supplies and equipment, special ordering products to meet our customers needs.

Meeting "Green" goals through paint recycling program, reducing carbon footprint.

What makes us Unique?

We are a very stable company, we have been providing excellent customer service for 55 years!  Positioned well as a small manufacturer in the U.S.A.  Being the last independent paint manufacturer in Colorado, sets us apart from our competition and through our marketing and branding, we have positioned ourselves to take advantage of the opportunities this brings.