Saman PRO
Water based urethane varnish recommended for all interior wood surfaces; floors, furniture, woodworks, doors, cabinets, etc.  It will provide a non-yellowing and durable finish, with the added benefits of low odor and fast drying time.  With Aluminum Oxide, Nano Technology.

Saman Extreme
A Revolutionary finish that combines the superior performance of aluminum oxide technology with a unique water-base formula.  SamaN Extreme is a 100% non-yellowing polyurethane water-base finish formulated specifically for heavy traffic commercial and residential hardwood floors.  it is low in odor, easy to apply and dries fast to provide a tough, hard finish with maximum resistance to wear.

SamaN Preparation Sealer
Water Based acrylic sealer designed to prepare wood floor surfaces before the application of saman 6000+ and Saman Extreme Finishes.  It dries fast, seals the wood, minimizes grain raise and provides a build layer with very good sandability.

Gloss Gym Floor Finish
Single-component, oil modified, light in color pure urethane

Waterborne Floor Finishes

Poly Var Polyurethane
A single-component system of oil-modified pure urethane, Poly Var is ideal for wood, terracotta tile, and concrete floors and provides:
• Clear quality finish with a uniform sheen (no streaking)
• Easy application – apply by brush or wool pads
• Maximum durability and flawless repair touchups
• Excellent flow and low odor
• Quick drying time (2-4 hours, recoat 12 hours)
• 4 finishes: Gloss, Semi-gloss, Velvet and Satin sheens
• 3 sizes: 5-Gallon, Gallon, Aerosol Cans for touchups

Quick Dry Primer/Sanding Sealer
Apply as a first coat, then top with Poly Var Polyurethane

Oil Modified Floor Finishes

SamaN Catalyst

When added to a varnish, the catalyst will accelerate the curing time, allowing it to reach it's maximum resistance and hardness approximately 3 times faster.  This is particularly important when doing a job that must be finished within a tight timeframe.

Saman 6000+
SamaN 6000+ is a polyurethane water-based finish formulated especially for commercial and residential wood floors.  Will not change color over time.  Technologically advanced finish that rivals any other commercial grade products on the market.